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Tedious—But Necessary, I Suppose

May 25, 2010

I keep reading in these ‘publishing tips’ about how I have to have my spelling & grammar perfect when I submit my manuscript. How I’d better know my ‘who’ from ‘whom’ and have my ‘its/it’s’ in line.  (Not to mention my already/all ready, and affect/effect…Am I the only one who can’t remember the differences?)

Personally, I’m inclined to put them all up on a dart board. Swoosh! Bullseye! Looks like I’m using ‘whom’ today!

To me, this is the least enjoyable part of writing. I’m into ideas, mood, flow, texture. Not the boring, technical stuff.

Thank god spell-checker takes care of my spelling! As for the grammar, it if looks good, sounds goods, I’m inclined to give it a grinning thumbs up…

Looks like I will have to change my attitude once my first draft’s done and I start revising (uh…whenever that is….)…

Is it wrong that I’m a writer and yet I have little interest in the (tedious!) fundamentals of the English language?

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