My novel is set in England during the Regency and sometimes I struggle with getting the details right because a) I don’t live in England and b) I wasn’t alive during 1795-1837, respectively.

While I do have a collection of history and biography books about the period, and 9 times out of 10 I can find out what I want on the internet (thank you, Wikipedia!), there’s always that one little detail you want but can’t find no matter how many times you re-word in ‘Google search’.

I wish there was a Research Hot-line I could call. Excuse me, but how long is the strawberry season in England? Were doors made out of oak, primarily? Were umbrellas commonplace by 1813? Did London have sidewalks? Was there pea-soup fog or was that more a Victorian phenomenon?

I can get too hung up on the history. For gods sake, I tell myself, it’s not a PhD dissertation, its a fictional novel! Stop dithering and just make it up.

If I’ve got it wrong, and someone notices, I’m sure they’ll let me know eventually…