I was complaining about being a lonely writer of ‘comedic-romantic-historical-mystery-fiction’ again so my husband got me set up with a Twitter account in the hopes that I might find a ‘niche’ for myself out there.
He said: “Just start following someone you like. Often they give links for you to follow and that leads to something special.”
So I signed up to follow Jim Carrey, Neil Gaiman and Stephen Fry. Very amusing/interesting people, but not exactly ‘niche’ writers…and not really linked to my interest in romance and history…
“Keep trying,” said my husband.
So I spent another hour trolling various Twitter and blog links, getting increasingly frustrated.
I said to my husband: “This is worse than microfiche.”
Of course, that offended his techie sensibilities! He said: “Here let me do it.”
Then he found me the blog site: Two Nerdy History Girls.

A more realistic thread to pull. Huzzah!