Unblocked! Sound the Trumpets!

May 20, 2010

So I was finally able to decide: no Scottish brogue for Mr. H’s father.

How did I figure it out, you ask? What is the great method for discerning what should and should not go in a novel?

I have no bloody idea! It just sort of happens.

Yes, that is a weak answer. And I know there are instructional texts and courses out there that will tell one in great detail ‘What Every Good Novel Needs’. They might even propose some kind of formula: plot + character + eye of newt + turn twice clockwise = novel. Or some such thing.

But my main question seems to be: does it ‘feel’ right?

Honestly, I’m writing this thing by the seat of my pants. Intuitively. Mine is the ‘touchy feel-y’ approach.

And when I’m ‘in touch’ I can write. When I’m not ‘in touch’, I can’t–which is my definition of writer’s block.

Luckily, I got in touch today and the decree from on high was: no brogue. Progress! Yes!

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  1. […] was an inconstant pattern, actually: rush, stop, lurch, stop, rush, lurch. I felt at the whim of the Writing Gods. They seemed to be having a good laugh at my expense, those […]

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