I was reading through my novel the other day and made a startling realization. All my main male characters, the three ‘love interests’ that my heroine must choose from, have wavy dark hair…

Is this a problem, I wonder?

Oops. They aren’t supposed to be triplets! But now I worry they will appear so to the reader. So I went back and made one blond. (Such is the god-like power of  writing).

Should I make another one a red-head?!

I will admit that I struggle with description. I don’t like a lot of it when I’m a reader of books and I’ve been pretty sparse with it as a writer of one. The three men in my novel have quite distinct personalities, so I’m hoping that will separate them in the minds of my readers.

But I do wonder if I might need to give a bit more thought to how they look…

Nose shape (probably ‘aquiline’). Jaw shape (probably ‘square’). Height (probably ‘tall’). Weight (probably ‘middling but not overly muscular’).

Ack! There’s a ‘hero’ mold I can’t seem to break out of…!