Here’s a quote from Twitter that struck me awhile back: It’s by Colleen Lindsay, a lit agent in New York City. On May 31, she wrote:

“Writing may be an art, but publishing is a business. It’s best that writers remember that.”

Well, heck! No wonder I’ve been having panic attacks about query letters and story pitches, about trying to ‘sell’ my writing! It’s because I’m an artist! A writer! A dreamer! Not a business person!

I have a writing cap. There is no business cap in my closet.

But I really, really need to get one, it seems. (Can you get them off E-bay I wonder?). Not just for when its time to ‘pitch’ my novel (which isn’t done yet). But for now. Right now.

For my blog.

I started my blog on a lark, for ‘fun’. Then I went on Twitter, primarily to connect and share (which has been great! I love the Twitter writing community!)…but of course I wanted to get my ‘blog’ out there so the masses could appreciate my pithy commentary and sense of humor re: the writing craft….

Before I joined Twitter I had about 7 readers (friends, friend-of-friends and family). Then I went on Twitter and I had a one-day spike of 20 (20! Do a happy dance!), but that leveled off immediately to about…7 readers (and a big thank you to you all, my loyal follows, i.e. friends, friends-of-friends, and family).

My husband has encouraged me to tweet every time I put out a new blog post, which I started doing (feeling awkward, I’ll admit). But even still there’s only about…7 readers!

Maybe I need to tweet something like “Naked Pictures of Brad Pitt!”. That’ll bring the traffic in for certain…but they’ll all hate me forever once they realize I don’t have any blurry shots of Brad skinny dipping in Italy. And then no one will ever tweet me or visit my blog site ever, ever again. Not to mention Brad Pitt will probably sue me….

See why I need a business cap? Even a used one?

Hey, maybe Colleen Lindsay will lend me hers for a small fee…