In a previous blog/comic, I talked about how I had a particular Writing Super Power—‘The Power of Concentration’—which allows me to write in the midst of video game music, Dora The Explorer TV shows,  ringing telephones & my husband playing the electric guitar (which lately has been replaced with the Ipad accordion & bagpipe apps)…

I’ve given some thought to it, and here are five more Writing Super Powers I would like to have:

1. Time Bending
Now I can ‘fast forward’ through tedious chores like sorting the laundry…and I can use ‘slow mo’ to make the good writing times last!

2. Time Travel
No more worrying about ‘historical accuracy’. Just travel to Regency London, don my pelisse and my pattens, and take it all in with my 5 senses! (Ew! So the Thames really did smell like a sewer in the summertime…)

3. Idea Projection
No need to fumble for my writer’s notebook when I’m in line at the grocery store! Instead, I just ‘think it’ and I send myself an email! My ideas are all safe & sound for when I get home!

4. Internal Critic Alert & Zap Gun
No more ‘I’m a terrible writer!’ or ‘I can’t do it!’—whenever those self doubts & anxieties arise, the alert sounds, the gun zaps and it’s all positivity, all the time! ‘You go, girl!’

5. Disappointment Deflector Shields
No more feeling down because the only person who visited my blog today got there by mistake (they were looking for online poker)… Instead, whenever discouraging events arise, I just say ‘Shields Up!’… so I can keep my head down…and keep on writing…

Wow! Don’t these Super Powers sound great? Now all I need is my ‘Writer Super Hero’ suit, and I’m all set….

PS. Can you think of any others?