Do you have a writing muse? Here’s mine.

It’s Lady Caroline Lamb, the one who called Lord Byron ‘mad, bad and dangerous to know’ (he could probably have said the same thing about her!).

She had an affair with Byron in 1812—and was a thorn in his side ever after, doing all kinds of ridiculous, dramatic things to challenge him and re-capture his attention (like dressing up as a page, penning her own versions of his poetry, impersonating his writing so she might scam a portrait from his publisher, etc).

I wrote my Honours thesis in University on her Gothic/gossip novel ‘Glenarvon’ (which is based on Byron and other notable personalities of the Regency age). It was a bestseller but snubbed by critics (and her fellow aristocrats) as being too popular and trashy. It didn’t make her the darling of Society, either, that’s for sure.

(Byron read it and remarked: “I read Glenarvon too by Caro Lamb….God damn!”)

A remarkable, audacious, off-centre, rebellious, irrepressible and somewhat manic woman, it was through her inspiration that I crafted the first beginning of my current romantic-comedy-Regency-mystery whilst in University many moons ago.

I named my main character in my book after her: Caro.

Do you have a muse? Or a writer who inspires you? What do they say to you?

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