the reminderRecently on Twitter, @LornaSuzuki reminded me of this great Writing Truism, which I’ve come across before:

Just keep writing.

I’ve told myself those very words but had recently, once again, forgotten.

Something to stick on the fridge, isn’t it? Or the bathroom mirror. So very handy to keep around just in case one of those moment arise. You know, when:

You don’t know how your novel ends…

Your characters are dithering in circles and mumbling about…

You’ve got a zillion plot holes the size of cockroaches…

Everyone you know keeps asking you: ‘isn’t it done yet?…’

Well, now you know the appropriate response to the above conundrums!

Just. Keep. Writing.

Out of a consistent writing practise (you’ll notice I didn’t say daily–not everyone can do it daily), the solutions will arise. (And by ‘writing practise’ I mean thinking about writing as well as the physical act of writing). Just don’t give up on your goal!

Oh, and maybe grab a donut. (A good sugar rush can’t hurt!)

PS. Can you think of any other writing moments that apply? I’m sure there are tons!