I gave myself a deadline of having my first draft finished by the time I turn 40–June 1st. That’s about one month away.


So–I have to make this blog entry short. No time to dilly dally or ramble on. I’ve got work to do!

BUT I did want to drop by here and let everyone know that I got over my little crisis (see my Tweets). A few days I ago I made the mistake of going back over my novel, re-reading parts–and I stumbled across (or fell into) numeorus pot holes…I mean PLOT holes. Naturally, I was horrified. I HAVE TO FIX THESE RIGHT NOW OR I CAN”T GO ON! I thought. A few days of angst ensued. Several helpful folks on Twitter gave me their reccomendations. The general consensus seemed to be to go on. Move on. Unless they are so horrible, so huge, the wholes story falls to pieces, don’t worry about them. Leave em for later.

So I’m going to.

I’m usually a very deliberate writer. I like to lay each scene down, tweak it as necessary so it fits fine, then move on to the next one.

But I don’t have time for that now. I’m going to pretend May is my #nanowrimo. I’m going to finish it in one month, writing, writing, writing, just seeing where the writing goes, just getting it done. I don’t care if it takes a strange turn, and all of a sudden my Regency heroine is an alien and she time travels with Brad Pitt to the 1930’s and has a shoot out with a gangster and dies in Brad’s arms quoting Latin.

Personally. I don’t think that ending is going to happen–I trust my vision–but if it does…I will fix it all later. LATER. Once its done.

So I’m settling into my cozy chair (see comic above) with my laptop and my cup of tea and in those times when I am not being a mom, or running/exercising (my other goal), or being a teacher, I am going to be writing my ass off, ‘write’ across the finish line.

“Get the serum to Nome. Get the Conestoga wagon to the Oregon Trail. Get the first version of your project done from A to Z as fast as you can. Don’t stop. Don’t look down. Don’t think.” From Do the Work by Stephen Pressfield.