Well, here I am! I’m back! So sound the trumpets and let the confetti fall from the sky and get ready to cut the cake, baby…!

What? What do you mean there’s no cake?!

It’s funny how in an author’s life there are big stops and starts and large interior, seismic moments that no one has a clue about but you. Writing is so intensely personal.

I’m returning to my almost-finished novel and in my mind the red carpet should be rolled out and I should be handed a glass of Champagne…

I had to step away from writing for a while, primarily due to work. In my day job I’m a teacher. I get to teach fun things like reading and writing and a lot of my creative energy goes into making that material accessible and interesting.

My novel, which is my own, special, highly personal creative project, suffered from a serous lack of attention.

I thinks it’s mad at me.

I’m going to have to approach it gently, give its lots of praise, as we slowly get reacquainted. What a pretty little novel you are! Such a good novel! We’ll get you all polished up, patch up all the plot holes, get you ready for the grand finale…isn’t that right, sweetums? 

I want to get back into The Writing Life!

Then maybe we can have some cake?!