IMG_2747Taking my cue from Gemma Correll and her awesome stickers for ‘adults at the art museum’, I thought, hmmm, hey, why don’t writers have these?!

Here are some ideas for ‘writer stickers’ for you!

  • I wrote today!
  • I wrote a challenging emotional part today!
  • I switched the entire story from past to present tense!
  • I switched the entire story from first person narrator to third person narrator!
  • I wrote the word ‘awkward’ correctly on the first try!
  • I multi-tasked & wrote in between cooking dinner and cleaning the kitchen!
  • Someone asked me if my ‘novel’s done yet’ and I just smiled mysteriously!
  • I put pants on and left the house!
  • I figured out the ending!
  • I wrote the ending!
  • I sent off a query!
  • I got rejected—and I didn’t let it hurt me TOO much!
  • I shared my writing with someone!
  • I started a new story!

Hey, world, guess what?  

I wrote today!


Writers, claim your stickers. You are doing a GOOD JOB!