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Regency Links

It’s amazing what one needs to research while writing. Everything from ‘wild flowers in the UK that bloom in summer’ to detailed maps of London circa 1813.

While numerous books have provided historical support for this fascinating time period, I have come to rely on certain web sites as well. Since I keep referencing them so often, I though others might too.

Here are some that I’ve found helpful.

Map of London 1814

Regency Period Recipes and Cookery

The Supersizers Go Regency: Regency Menus

‘Dinner With Mr. Darcy’ Recreating the Food of Jane Austen

Regency Fashions: Ackerman’s Repository

Men’s Hair Styles in the Regency Period (Yes, there is the customary picture of Colin Firth from P & P)

Period Fashions for Ladies and Gentlemen

Bell’s Fashion Magazine for Ladies 1806-1868

The Republic of Pemberley (all things Jane Austen)

Jessamyn’s Regency Costume Companion

List of British Gentry (Names)

Calendar for UK Year 1813

Calendar for UK Year 1809

Money Amounts in Regency England (this is a part of an all-purpose site entitled ‘Jane Austen’s World’)

Beethoven’s Piano Sonatas (List)

Regency Titles, Clearly Explained

Regency Era Servants

Ask Nancy Regency Site


Lord Byron

Time line

Letters & Journals

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