The novel I’m writing is a mystery novel set in 1813 in England…the Regency period.

Yes, I’m one of those people with a Regency fetish. Jane Austen. Mary Shelly. Lord Byron. Etc.

Sometimes I say my novel is a ‘Regency Soap Opera’ because the plot is a little outlandish…but its all within the bounds of the era. French spies. Mad genius poets. Too much alcohol. Radical politics. Dopplegangers.

That’s how it was, in a way. Genteel with a Gothic underbelly.

I think to write a novel, to devote yourself wholly to the kind of commitment it requires, you have to be a little crazy about its subject matter (or just a little crazy, period?). I don’t dress up in Regency garb and go to modern day re-enactments (at least, not yet!), but I do love reading and researching and day dreaming about it, and then transforming that material into a joy-filled homage.