[Frame It] to Keep the Writing Flowing

June 9, 2010

I’ve been working on a scene lately that is really fussy. I can’t quite get it how I want it.

It’s a funny scene. My novel is supposed to be a funny Regency Mystery…but there’s a fine line between a humorous homage and a spoof. I don’t want this to come across as some kind of Comedy Club Jane Austen Skit…

So I finally decided to apply the parentheses []. I often use [] when I’m writing, as an way to tell myself ‘this area needs to be revisited and reworked’. Sometimes I’ll use it as a way to mark details I can fill in later, perhaps after some research. For example:

Living in [location in London], they were often the last to arrive. OR

“I vow,” declared Lady [name], “That I read more books in two weeks than I usually do in a year!” OR

Before dinner, I practiced [name of Mozart music] to perfection.

Sometimes I put it around alternate phrasing, because I’m not sure which one I prefer. Such as:

My aunt [had retired for the night/was still at a dinner party]

This is the first time I’ve applied it to a whole scene, though.

For some reason, it’s only once I slap those suckers down, that I can let it go and move on. Got to keep the writing flowing!


  1. That dang wordpress and it’s lack of cool follower icons! Anyway– yes this is an awesome blog! Love your cartoons lol!

  2. […] a previous post called ‘[Frame It] To Keep The Writing Flowing’, I talked about how I used the parentheses [ ] to mark those areas where I needed to add details or […]

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