Do You Have Writer-itus?

June 10, 2010

When I’m really hot & in the writing zone, I live in the mind. (My body, what’s that?) I get consumed. Must. Write. It. Down.

I’ll easily put off eating, drinking, showering, brushing my teeth or going to the washroom just so I can tinker some more with my words. ‘Just a sec’, I’ll tell my bursting bladder/bowel—’wait until I’ve finished this sentence/paragraph/chapter…’

All this revved creativity takes it’s toll on my body. I lose sleep. Lower my immunity. Get a cold. Cough. Cough. Doc? What’s my condition? Writer-itus?! So I’m physically wrung out…but you should see how my novel’s coming…!

Must I always write till I drop? Must it all go down in a frenzy?Is it possible instead to pace oneself?

I ask myself these questions as I put off, yet again, the need to walk across the room and grab my water bottle because I’m thirsty…


  1. Haha this sounds like me. As I’m now awake in the middle of the night because I’m on a roll with my wip. But first I’m writing a new blog post. Just have to be sure I don’t spend all night blogging instead of writing. (Yes, I’ve done that before aaargh)

  2. I wish I had that type of commitment – but my stomach always wins out. I’m one of those eat-three-full-meals and have-snacks-in-between-to-maintain-energy kind of girls. Now … the showering .. um … well … no comment. I will remain stinky to remain in the writing groove.

    • It’s not so much commitment as desperation…a kind of writing frenzy, where I want to get it all down before the ideas fade! And nothing must stand in my way…wah wah wah! (evil laugh).

      What we’ll do in the name of writing, eh?

      Julie J.

  3. […] back, my writing practice was a mix of turbo writing madness followed by an infuriating barren block, followed by a trickle allowed by circumstance, followed by […]

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