When I’m really hot & in the writing zone, I live in the mind. (My body, what’s that?) I get consumed. Must. Write. It. Down.

I’ll easily put off eating, drinking, showering, brushing my teeth or going to the washroom just so I can tinker some more with my words. ‘Just a sec’, I’ll tell my bursting bladder/bowel—’wait until I’ve finished this sentence/paragraph/chapter…’

All this revved creativity takes it’s toll on my body. I lose sleep. Lower my immunity. Get a cold. Cough. Cough. Doc? What’s my condition? Writer-itus?! So I’m physically wrung out…but you should see how my novel’s coming…!

Must I always write till I drop? Must it all go down in a frenzy?Is it possible instead to pace oneself?

I ask myself these questions as I put off, yet again, the need to walk across the room and grab my water bottle because I’m thirsty…