The Writing Life is unpredictable. Moody, even. One day you have a great writing day, the next day it’s crap.

I understand this. I do. It’s part of the creative process. It’s finicky and it can’t always rush forth on demand.

Right. Got it.

The trouble is…

I only have a certain amount of writing minutes in the day. I’m a mom and I have a ‘day’ job and when I can fit the writing in, I want it to be productive. I want it to happen RIGHT NOW so I can move forward in my writing goals.

None of this coaxing the coy writing to come out, priming the pump with character ‘interviews’ and revising old chapters and pretending to be my character and imagining the plot as a movie…chasing inspiration down and around the bend…as the clock goes tick, tock…and the sands of time rapidly run out…

‘Stop doing this!’ I’ll sometimes shout at the laptop. ‘I don’t have time for your shenanigans!’

And Writing just laughs at me.

Honestly. How maddening.