Twitter is constantly abuzz these days with #nanowrimo business, writers shouting out their word counts with ecstatic glee: 600 words! 1000 words! 2000 words! They’re trying to make it to *50, 000* words by the end of November. They’re racing, rushing, pushing, striving, laying it all down as fast as they can. A full novel, totally from scratch!

Are you people crazy?!

Don’t get me wrong. I’m in awe! I’ve been chipping away at my novel for the past 10 years. I’ve set my goal of having it done in one year, which, given my track record, seemed pretty reasonable. But you people make me look like a tree sloth, writing/moving in mega slow motion, just hanging upside down, surveying the world with a slow tongue flick…in the time it takes you #nanowrimo folks to dash out 15 pages, I’ve written the letter ‘m’…

I’m flabbergasted by your goal setting.

A month?! You’re going to write a novel in a month?!

I’m not sure how you are accomplishing this. I presume you have:

-disconnected your phone (but not your internet connection)

-called in a month’s worth of sick days

-stocked up on Red Bull and energy bars

-hired a cleaning service

-bookmarked all those on-line fast food ordering services so you don’t have to cook

-placed a ‘DO NOT DISTURB’ sign on your back so those who dare approach you while you’re at the computer know they’d better BACK OFF!

I’m impressed. So very impressed. You’re a  bunch of determined, gritty, impassioned…disheveled, exhausted insomniacs…

Only writers would willingly sign up for a project of this masochistic magnitude. One they’re not even being paid for it. It’s all a labor of love!

You gotta admire the gumption. Writers are the best!

This blog is dedicated to you guys. Best of luck, everyone! I’m cheering for you!