Cursed/Blessed: A Writer’s Existance

November 24, 2010

When you’re a writer, there are really only 2 states of existence.

Writing & Not Writing.

There is no other state of being beyond these two.

The ideal state to be in, of course, is WRITING. This is the bliss, the joy, the goal. Always, you are scheming in the back of your mind: when will I be writing? Maybe after lunch I will be writing? Maybe when the kids are asleep I will be writing? Maybe before I go to my day job I will be writing?

And Heaven Help You if you have spare time, and you are NOT WRITING…

“OMG, why am I watching TV? I should be WRITING!”

For when you are WRITING, you are assuaged. Even if all you are writing is crap, at least you can say: Thank god I’m doing it! I’m WRITING!

It’s the elemental teeter-totter, the unyielding ying/yang tidal pull of deciding to call yourself ‘A WRITER’.

It’s always there, in the back of your mind or at the fore, when you’re shopping or cooking dinner or talking on the phone or at work or walking the dog or skiing or at the computer or whatever. You are always thinking about where you are in that WRITING/NOT WRITING continuum, this eternal push-pull–

Such is the curse/blessing of choosing The Writing Life (or does it choose you?).

‘Curse’ because the demand to write never ceases; the muse is a constant nag.

‘Blessing’ because the joy of writing surpasses all the pain-in-the-butt-ness (for which we thank the muse, she/he deserves a big wet kiss and a box of bonbons…)

And never the 2 modes do we leave…

(I’ve never noticed a third state of existence. Have you?)


  1. What about thinking about writing? You know, when you’re driving or trying to fall asleep and you’re plotting everything in your mind. Or does thinking about it count as writing, too, even if you aren’t physically writing?

    • Hmm, that’s a good question! And a tricky one! Does if fit with WRITING because you are thinking about writing, or is it more NOT WRITING, because though it is on your mind, you aren’t actually in the process of writing it all down yet…

      I still think it falls into either/or, though I’m not sure which one!

      Thanks for dropping by!

      Julie J.

  2. Great blog! I actually stumbled upon you via twitter and had a ‘Hey, I know you!’ moment. I’ve often thought of you both and wondered how you were doing, and it looks like you’re doing great! (To jog your memory, we went to OISE together — sat together, ate at Pho Hung, all that fun stuff. My married last name is in the email address above to add more confusion to this already out there message!) Hope to hear from you! B

    • Hey! So nice to see you! I’m going to find you on Twitter right away! Too funny that you found me via Twitter and my blog! That’s hilarious!

      We have some catching up to do!

      Will be in contact! 🙂
      Julie J.

  3. Lol, I know it well. Inspiration strikes me when I’m driving. I have had to stop the car to jot down a few lines and it keeps me awake at night. Writing is my life, if I don’t get enough crazy ideas out, there’s no chance of getting any sleep. I am cursed and I do think for most of us the writing chooses us. I never even thought about it. In fact I remember being stunned when one of my professors suggested I wrote a novel. Good luck with the writing!


    • I have also experienced everything you noted…jotting things down in the car, having to get out of bed to write things down, etc.

      Sometimes it drives me crazy but it also brings me so much joy, and really, its quite funny, actually, to be part of this Writing Community, to know that all over the world, writers just like me are jotting things down in the car, dragging themselves out of bed to write things down,e tc…

      What a funny bunch we are! And it’s inspiring, because its all a labor of love!

      Thanks so much for dropping by!
      Julie J.

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