blogging addict

I’m a novelist at heart.

Sometimes I wish I wasn’t. It’s time consuming and complex. But it is the writing form that calls to me.

It isn’t the only writing form I’ve tried, mind you. I’ve written essays, short stories, poems. Except for the essays (school related, primarily) the others will likely NEVER see the light of day.

First, because they are from a younger age, when I was experimenting with writing forms, and thus they have that cringe-inducing youthful earnestness to them that is still embarrassing.

Second, because they are not my strong suit and I know it.

I chose novels, or novels chose me. Whatever. My point is, this is where I spend the vast majority of my writing time. In Novel-Land. Working on novels.

When I’m not blogging, that is.

Somehow, I became this blogger–with short comics to go along. So I became this blogger/comic person in addition to a novelist.

I just launched a SECOND blog with comics, even. One about environmental activism.


WHY do I share my precious writing time with blogs and (short) comics?

Thinking on this led me to realize the awesomeness of blogging.

I think no matter what kind of writing you do, blogging is an excellent accompaniment.

Here’s 7 reasons why:

1. Reflection & Refinement

My blogs tend to be auto biographical, acting as a mirror that reflects back where I’m at, what I’m thinking. Not a journal, not a diary. It’s more polished than that (Get it? Okay, I’ll drop the mirror analogy).

It’s not stream of consciousness. It’s applied consciousness.

I focus on a concern, worry at it, explore it. Refine my communication of it. Isn’t that the essence of the writing life? Well, there it is in micro, when you blog.

2. Short and Sweet

Blogs are not meant to go on for pages. There is NO pressure to write FOREVER. It’s liberating, especially for a novelist who is typically aiming for a 90 000 word count.

3. Daily Flexing

I write on a consistent basis, either novel(s) or blogs/comics. If the novel is stuck or moving slowly, I can tap into the jazz of blogging and get the writing flowing again. I can access my creativity sideways.

4. Uncomplicated

Blogs do not demand intense historical research, complicated character emotions, a clear thematic statement, subplots, etc. Pick a topic. Write about it for a few paragraphs. DONE.

5. Let it Go

When I finally click the ‘publish’ button, I’m trusting that feeling inside that says ‘it’s done’. I’m letting it go. I’m not getting stuck in a self-recriminating editing rut. I’m trusting my writer’s voice. I’m trusting my writing intuition. It’s done. Let it go.

6. Writerly Pride

There is something supremely satisfying about finishing a piece of work and sending it out into the world…to be stumbled upon by unsuspecting Twitter followers or Google searchers.

I am writer, hear me roar.

7. Connection

I was once asked in a Facebook thread to sum up ‘what writing meant to me in one word’. I wrote: connection.

Thanks to the internet, I can be part of a writing community! I can contribute to the inter-connectivity of writers supporting and sharing! Maybe someone will not only find my blog but actually READ IT!  In the same way I sometimes stumble across other people’s blogs, and read it!

Sometimes what I read resonates! Maybe what I wrote will resonate with someone else! Just the possibility of that happening is VERY COOL.

So what are you waiting for? Start blogging!

Unless you are a writer/blogger all ready, in which case, you get what I’m saying, right?