ur writing always misses uSometimes writing is a blessing. Other times it feels like a curse.

Here’s the blessing part:

  • the satisfaction of defeating writer’s block
  • the bliss of creative flow
  • the excitement of getting a new, really cool and awesome idea
  • the personal pride in completing something
  • the personal pride in completing something WELL
  • the gratified sense of connection, when something you wrote resonated with another human being

Okay, now here’s the curse.

Writing will never EVER leave you.

This might sound like it’s a blessing.

Great! you think. I’m a writer and writing will never leave me! I’ll always have that creative energy to tap into. I’ll always have words, even if I have to dig them out with my bare hands…

But there’s another way to look at this:

Writing will *never* *EVER* leave you.

When you are NOT writing, it is going to hover over your shoulder until you PAY ATTENTION TO IT.

Like a cat, it will sit on the book your are currently reading, on your laptop while you do work, on your jacket when you need it to rush out the door.

Your writing will never EVER leave you and it wants you to know that.

When you are NOT writing, your writing will send you texts in your mind, like ‘miss u’ and ‘why did u leave me :(‘ and ‘i am here 4 u’ and ‘i am here’ and ‘i am here’ and ‘i am here’.

Just so you don’t forgot!

Like you could forget. Because whatever story you are working on, it’s already a part of you, like you already lived it, like you knew the characters in another life, like all it needs is your writing breath to animate it…

The curse of being a writer is to never know an ‘off switch’. Not even in sleep!

To be a writer means even when you are technically NOT writing you ARE still writing.

There is no ‘not writing’. The state of ‘not writing’ is a myth you tell yourself when you are ‘too busy’ or ‘too consumed by other stuff’ to put pen to paper.

The truth of the matter is that WRITING WILL NEVER EVER LEAVE YOU…even if maybe you want it to for awhile.

But no. It won’t go! It will haunt you until you finally sit down and give it the attention it craves.


All right, writing! You win! 

I finally texted writing back: miss u 2, see u soon 🙂