image0 (4)Sometimes we writers need a reminder that it is…


Writers are always on a quest.

The quote (below) about ‘writing = you have homework forever’ is VERY TRUE and it is like we are on a never ending quest to finish that homework, what ever it might be–poem, story, novel, submission, blog post…it really never ends. (The writing wheel keeps on turning…)

downloadBecause it never ends, it can feel like we are always seeking, seeking, seeking, always climbing the mountains and never getting to those pinnacles.

Which is maybe why we don’t celebrate often enough. Or we wait for the big moments, the massive accomplishments, to give our selves a pat on the back and say ‘hey, awesome, you did it!’ (and then swiftly moving onto the next thing).

A while back I created good job’ stickers for writers, to celebrate those small moments of writerly accomplishment.

Now I would like to suggest that you do a bit more for yourself than just give yourself a sticker…take a moment and REALLY celebrate!

I remember once telling someone ‘I wrote a couple of novels but they haven’t been published yet’ and this person was like ‘WHAT?’.

And I responded ‘yeah, I haven’t been able to find a way to publish them yet’ and they were like ‘WAIT A MINUTE. GO BACK A BIT. DID YOU SAY YOU WROTE A COUPLE OF NOVELS?’

And I said: ‘well, yeah’ and they were like: ‘THAT’S AWESOME!’ and I said ‘I guess so. But they’re not published,’ and this person said ‘BUT YOUR WROTE THEM! AND THAT’S AWESOME!’

Which was when I realized I had not actually given myself much credit or celebration for actually having written the darn things.

Recently, one of my short stories were published and I also got an official WRITER PAGE on this writer site (so I’m officially a writer now LOL) — and its interesting to realize that this BIG MILESTONE happened– and I didn’t even mention it here! On my writing blog!

So I’m pausing for a moment of self congratulation for having done that.

Quick, everyone have a celebratory sip of coffee in my honour! Thank you, thank you!

And I think YOU should take a pause/celebratory sip too, to honour whatever it is you’ve done lately, large or small.

Dear Writers, do you take time to celebrate your writing accomplishments? If not, WHY NOT?